Peter Lamont | Founder and Managing Director
Advertising during the 70’s sometimes seems like a long time ago, but I recall in great detail how the digital age came to be and how it affected everything we do today. From advertising to software development may seem diverse, but I consider it an evolution. We put Typesetting away in favour of Desktop Publishing, the photographic darkroom became Photoshop and stopping at the pub on the way home became Facebook (not for everyone I should add).
Jaepil (JP) Kim | Developer
Born in a computer floppy drive, JP was destined to code. He wrote the scrolling green code in The Matrix, Larry Page asked him if Google was a good name and NATO often sends him down the road for sandwiches. While none of those things may be true, what is undeniable is that JP is a gifted developer who has helped create software solutions used around the world. JP lives on technology’s bleeding edge helping us achieve spectacular results for our clients.
James Hung | Developer
James is the metaphorical RAM to JP’s processor. Having developed together as a team for years, they have a love affair with code (however both are happily married to actual real people) and it’s not uncommon (if not annoying) for them to close each other’s tags. That’s a really weak programming joke and thankfully it’s the last. James is a classic Cyan overachiever who makes light of programming nightmares and creates world’s-best solutions out of thin air.
Will Lamont | Marketing
Will comes from a Marketing and Economics background and along with PT manages SEO, PPC, content creation/editing and social media management – which is pretty cool because we pay him to go on Facebook. For this piece Will told us that the people who provide him with inspiration include the Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandella. However, we suspect it’s people more along the lines of James Hird, Dave Chappelle and Lady Gaga.